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International Alliance for Mountain Film.

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In February of 2000, a group of people gathered in the vaulted rooms of the Museo della Montagna in Torino, Italy to forge an alliance committed to the future of mountain film.

Not surprisingly, the individuals present were from the some of the most important mountain film alliance logofestivals in the world, along with the Museo della Montagna staff. Film Festivals in Autrans, France; Banff, Canada; Cervinia, Italy; Graz, Austria; Lugano, Switzerland; Les Diablerets, Switzerland; Torello, Spain; and Trento, Italy were present at that first gathering, becoming the founding members of the alliance.

The challenge was to create an association that not only emphasized mountain film issues common to all festivals, but that also recognized and promoted the festivals’ unique qualities. After many hours of multi-lingual discussion, a number of initiatives were articulated for the group to focus on. A name was chosen – The International Alliance for Mountain Film, and the whole exercise was concluded with a wonderful Italian dinner, consumed with gusto!

Several months later, and the venue has moved a few hundred kilometres east – to the ancient city of Trento in the Italian Dolomites. Site of the oldest mountain film festival in the world, the momentum is building as a slightly extended group gathers for the second meeting of the Alliance and of course to attend the Trento festival. The new festivals at the table include Dundee, Scotland; Kendal, England; Poprad, Slovakia; Telluride, U.S.A. and Teplice in the Czech Republic. Apart from the unveiling of a new logo, the Alliance determines that one of its first priorities is to inform audiences and filmmakers about the global film festival opportunities. As well, information is shared on films, programming and technology, promotion and ticketing and funding challenges.

An agreement emerges to take every opportunity to cross-promote mountain film festivals around the world and to meet twice a year at member festival events.

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