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Fantastic world level rafting in Nepali Rivers.

Posted by himalman On 6/05/2009 06:19:00 am

Nepal is country of mountains and it has plenty of mountain rivers. So rafting is very popular in Nepal rivers. There are many rivers in Nepal for rafting but the Sunkoshi, the Trishuli and the Kaligandaki are major ones. Sunkishi river was rated as the world’s top 10 rafting rivers by Adventure Travel Magazine.

Rafting is highly dependent on season and monsoon is the worst time for rafting as conditions are damp, trails are muddy and rivers are often too high. From October, when the monsoon ends, the conditions are perfect. The weather is superb,the scenery is green. Spring is best season for rafting as the weather is warmer and the melting snow means fast- flowing water.

There are many rafting companies in Kathmandu. They will offer you all needs and you don’t need any preparations if you like to go for rafting. The operator will costs you from $25 -$75+ a day and one trip generally takes 3 to 9 days. Below is introduction to rafting rivers in Nepal.

Trishuli River

Probably it is the most popular river in Nepal.this river starts north-west of Kathmandu and flows south and then south-west of Marsyangdi River. it then follows south to the Terai.

This is even good for inexperienced persons bacause it is gentle one. it will take 3-7 days a trip in trishuli River.

Sunkoshi river

The Sunkoshi flows southward from the himalaya and then turns west and flows right across Nepal. The Sunkoshi ans the river which join into it flow down from some of the highest mountains of the Homalaya. Rafting trip goes through a variety of country, includin widw valleys and deep gorges, and past small villages where dugout canoes are used as transport across the river. From the mountain pines forests in the high country you evenually emerge in the green and fertile lowlands of Terai.

Kaligandaki River

The Kaligandaki river, flowing south between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri and then turning west to the Narayani just north of Narayanghat, is not used as much as the Trishuli and Sunkoshi River.

Nepal – map rafting rivers :

I would like to invite you to watch absolutely amazing movie :

Highlights of trip from Kathmandu to Lhasa : Nepal & Tibet – amazing movie.

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2 Response to "Fantastic world level rafting in Nepali Rivers."

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Dear friends,
    I extend thanks that you have released the very charmed-news about Nepalese rivers and scene & scenery.
    I request you, please, go to for rafting in Sunkoshi from Dolalghat to Saptakoshi rear by Koshi disaster Dam. It takes two days.
    You know, I reiterate my opinion-
    Nepal is regarded as a mini-world. Physically, the structure of Nepal shows Himalayas having the highest peak in the world, Hills, and low-lands i.e. Tarai. Various types of castes & creeds settle there. The soil also differs from east to west. Having different climate we can produce different edible crops. Whatever crops are available in the nook & corner of the globe we can produce in this soil. The Himalayan region of north Nepal is the store of fresh water. The Himalayan area of Nepal ecologically is very rich in nature. There are almost 100 peaks in Nepal's Himalayas. More than one million visitors come Nepal for wildlife viewing, river rafting, mountain climbing- Mount Everest highest peaks 8000 meters, third highest peak Kanchenjunga as well as Gaurishankar, Annapurna, Lamlang etc.
    This country is blessed by the nature by providing various rivers, streams and fountains. Nepal has ample sources of water, as a white gold. Nepal can be a great store of food-grains if well irrigated and high potential of hydroelectric energy. As Arabian countries are god gifted with sufficient Petroleum products, Nepal has sufficient water for hydroelectricity, which can be used for foreign money generation. Having dense forest, rare animals and more than 800 types of birds plus herbaria makes it naturally friendly in many ways. Many of the tourists and the foreigners claim- 'Nepal is the most beautiful place in the world.'
    Thank you.
    Dirgha Raj Prasai


  2. Patrice Said,

    Cool! I want to experience rafting at Trishuli River as you mentioned that it is good for inexperienced people like me.



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