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Yesterday (February 17, 1980) was the 30th anniversary of the first-ever summit of Mount Everest in the Winter season.

Two Polish mountaineers, Krzysztof Wielicki and Leszek Cichy, reached the top of the world’s highest peak in 1980, going down in history as the first people to get there in winter.Over the last 30 years, seven people have so far completed the challenge in winter time, however, in Summer, the journey is easier, so 3,500 have managed to summit Everest.

The 20-strong group which initially set off for the mountain was whittled down to two – the final leg of the journey upwards took seven hours, said Leszek Cichy to Polish Radio.
There isn’t much snow in the Himalayas in winter, as it is blown off by heavy wind. Mount Everest is fortified against mountaineers with large slabs of ice, strong winds and frost. The temperatures in tents at night dropped to minus 40˚C.

“We were high up on the ridge, the nearest people were several hours walking distance away from us. The only thing that allows us to keep in touch was radio. The wind was strong. And, as we were descending, dusk set in and snow from western face blew in the air. And we found ourselves on the border between what is real and unreal, on the border between shadow and the sun, night and day, and also, in a way, between life and death,” Cichy said, referring to the last stages of the ascent.
Mt Everest 1980 first winter ascent – team.
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Himalaya Spring 2010 expeditions.

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Updated: Jan 25, 2010
Note: List is preliminary and subject to changes

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Gavin Turner double traverse
American Gavin Turner will attempt a world first: Everest double traverse, from Nepal to Tibet and back, via Everest summit.

Gavin has been training for the undertaking during the last two years. He climbed Cho Oyu (with O2 from C3) and returned all the way back to ABC on summit day. In Washington, he climbed Rainier 7 times to the summit, including 4 solo ascents.

Andrew Lock Everet, take 3 Tibet/Nepal No-O2 traverse
After completing the 14×8000ers quest on Shisha Pangma last fall, Australian Andrew Lock aims for excellence by summiting Everest without O2 from Tibet and then traverse to Nepal. Andrew has summited Everest twice before, both times with supplementary Oxygen.


Nobukazu Kuriki No-O2 ascent
After a failed attempt last year, Japanaese Nobukazu Kuriki plans to give Everest another shot this spring without O2.

Argentinean bicentennial expedition
The expedition goal is to summit Everest by May 2010, exactly 200 years after Argentina’s May Revolution.

All team members are Bariloche residents trained in the Andes. Climbers are Ramon Chiocconi, Alvar Puente, Marcelo Topo Deza, Carlos Charly Galosi and Leonardo Cuny Proverbio.

Brazil-Guatemala expedition
Manoel Morgado (BRA) with Andrea Cardona (GUAT) who will attempt the first Central American lady summit of Everest.

Waldemar Niclevicz’s Brazilian expedition
Waldemar Niclevicz and Irivan Gustavo Burda will guide climbers to the summit.

* update (February 1, 2010) Meanwhile, Brazilian Waldemar Niklevicz updated ExWeb that his planned Everest expedition has been postponed for 2011.

Brad Jackson and Sandy Hoby Australian Everest 2010 Expedition
After a failed attempt in 2008 as members in Altitude Junkies’ team, Australians Brad and Sandy are ready for a second round.

Ta Loeffler Mountain of Learning
After a failed attempt in 2007, Ta of Newfoundland is back to Everest, climbing again from its south side. Ta hopes to bag Everest and Vinson in order to complete the 7 Summits quest.

Anne-Mari Hyrylinen – Skyclimbers Finnish expedition
The team’s mission is to help Anne-Mari Hyrylinen to become the first Finnish female Everest summiteer. The team will climb via the South Col route.

Altitude Junkies
After a large number of expeditions in Tibet, leader Phil Crampton got a taste of Everest south side last year and goes for more this spring as leader of a fully-supported expedition.

Dawa Steven Eco Everest expedition 2010
Dawa Steven and his Eco Everest Expedition plan clean the peak up to 8000 m and above.

The plan this year is to bring down 1000 kgs of trash from above Camp 2 and 6000 kgs from Camp 2 and below.

Peak Freaks
Tim Rippel’s outfit will return to Everest south side.

Alpine Ascents International
The Everest regulars are back for another year.

Adventure Consultants
Another regular Everest commercial outfit back for more.

Explore Your Planet
Fresh from Antarctica, Scott Woolums is expected back on Everest south side this spring, leading a fully-supported expedition.

RMI guides
Everest mega-summiteer Dave Hahn (the non-Sherpa climber with most Everest summits bagged) is back for more, leading RMI’s 2010 expedition.

Eric Simonson’s International Mountain Guides are back for Everest and Lhotse.

Mountain Madness
Ready to bag his 10th Everest summit, Willie Benegas will lead for MM as usual.

Summit Climb
Dan Mazur is appointing Arnold Coster as leader on Everest south side. The US-based company is also launching teams on Everest north side and Lhotse.

Expedition Hanesbrands
Canadian Jamie Clarke aims for his second Everest summit.

Jagged Globe
Tim Calder will lead J-Gs team on Everests South Col route. The UK-based outfitter is also launching a team on the peak’s north side.

Dream Guides
Fully-supported expedition led by 6-time Everest summiteer British Kenton Cool and Rob Casserley.

Kari Kobler & Partner
The Swiss expedition outfitter offers expeditions on both sides of Everest, Lhotse, Makalu and Cho Oyu.

Costa Rica “David’s Braves” expedition
A Christian group known as Los Valientes de David (David’s Braves) hope to climb Everest for Jesus. Led by Enmanuel Menendez.

Of Discovery fame and Nangpa La/David Sharp infame, Russell Brice returns to Everest south side this year.


Gerlinde & Ralf
Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and husband Ralf Dujmovits will return to Everest north face for an oxygen-less attempt. Ralf has climbed all 14, 8000ers (Everest with O2), Gerlinde has Everest and K2 left.

Alfredo Garcia no O2 ascent
Spanish Alfredo Garcia (28) will attempt Everest with Pedro Garcia and Martin Corrales. Garcia previously summited Gasherbrum II (2006), Cho Oyu (2007) and Broad Peak (2008).

The team will carry two emergency canisters but climb without O2.

Jordan Romero Everest at 13

Together with his father Paul and Karen Lundgren; Big Bear Lake resident Jordan Romero hopes to summit Everest at the ripe age of 13.

Jamie McGuinness is back in Tibet, leading a fully-supplied expedition.

Alex Abramov and his 7Summit-Club team will be back to their usual Everest playground: the north side.

Adventure Peaks
The UK-based outfitter will also be climbing from the north side.

Dan Mazur will lead a team on Big E’s north side.

Kari Kobler & Partner
The Swiss expedition outfitter offers expeditions on both sides of Everest, plus Lhotse, Makalu and Cho Oyu.

The British outfitter is guiding both sides.


Meagan McGrath back for more

After her solo, partial Antarctica ski this winter (Patriot Hills-South Pole), Canuck Aerospace Engineer Meagan McGrath will lead a trekking group to Everests BC and then climb Lhotse, before attempting K2 in summer.

Marco Confortola+K2 Sherpa rescuer (tentative)
2008 K2 survivor Marco Confortola plans to climb Lhotse with one of the Sherpas who saved his life.

SummitClimb’s Everest leader Arnold Coster will also guide a group attempting Lhotse.

Also IMG will guide both Everest and Lhotse.

Kari Kobler & Partner
The Swiss expedition outfitter offers expeditions on both sides of Everest, plus Lhotse and Makalu.

Annapurna double-headers

Edurne Pasabans ultimate double-header for the 14×8000ers
I’m definitely’ going to Annapurna in spring, but I’m also considering another attempt (my fifth) on Shisha Pangma during the same season, Edurne Pasaban told media.

Leading a climbing-filming expedition by Al Filo de lo Imposible (on the edge of the impossible) Spanish TV documentary series; Edurne teams up with regular partners Alex Chicon, Asier Izaguirre and cameraman Ferran Latorre.

Jae-Soo Kim’s Kolon Sports South Korean expediton
Partner of the late MI-Sun Go, 10×8000ers summiteer Jae-Soo Kim is continuing her (and his own) 14×8000er project.

S.Korea Expressway Corporation Team
Mi-Gon Kim, Hong-Bin Kim are heading to Annapurna after Manaslu.

S. Korea’s BuSan Dynamic Team
Chang-Ho Kim is climbing Annapurna after a preparatory climb on a another (yet unconfirmed) 8000er.


Oh Eun-Sun: the final
Racing faster than anyone for the 14×8000ers, South Korean Oh Eun Sun chain-climbed Kangchenjunga, Dhaulagiri, Nanga Parbat and Gasherbrum I in just four months before dangerous conditions on Annapurna prevented her from completing her record quest. Now she is back and ready to finish the task, teaming up with her two regular Sherpas.

Piotr Pustelnik: The Knight’s comeback
The Himalayan Knight is back to face his last 8000er for the fifth time.

Piort is dedicating the climb to long-time friend and climbing mate Piotr Morawski, perished in a crevasse on Dhaulagiri last year. Morawski’s death put an end to the legendary “Three Peters” (Pustelnik, Morawski and Slovak Peter Hamor) who had accomplished some of the foremost Himalaya expeditions in later years.
This time, Piotr is putting together a team of seasoned Himalaya climbers, including Russian 11×8000er summiteer Serguey Bogomolov.

Joao Garcia for his final 8000er
Joao Garcia will attempt to become the first Portuguese 14×8000er summiteer on Annapurna.

Young-Seok Park’s south face expedition
Following a new route on Everest SW face last year, South Korean 14×8000er summiteer Young-Seok Park now aims for Anna’s mighty south face.

Carlos Pauner for his “tough 9th”
With eight 8000ers bagged, Spanish Carlos Pauner hit a series of glitches on Shisha Pangma and Manaslu last year, now hoping for vindication on Annapurna.


Nicholas Rice
American Nick Rice plans to give Kangchenjunga a shot, most likely by the British Route on the south face, and then head back to Pakistan for his second attempt on K2.


Field Touring Alpine – led by Fabrizio Zangrilli
American mountain guide Fabrizio Zangrilli will lead Australian/US outfitter Field Touring Alpine’s first expedition on Makalu.

British Service SE Ridge expedition
UK military plan a second attempt on Makalu South East Ridge with team of 8 climbers drawn from across the 3 services.

Kari Kobler & Partner
The Swiss expedition outfitter offers expeditions on both sides of Everest, Lhotse, Makalu and Cho Oyu.


Chilean Expedicin Bicentenario Dhaulagiri
Ernesto Olivares will lead Juan Andres Covarrubias Alcalde, Juan Manuel Santa Cruz Campaa, Andre Claro Gubbins, Martin Riesco Wachholtz, Marcelo Grifferos Caceres and Francisco Larrain Amuntegui.


Carlos Soria for his 9th 8000er at 71
Veteran Spanish climber Carlos Soria hopes to tick off his Himalaya no 9 at age 71.

Shisha Pangma

Amical Alpin

Herbert Wold if appointed leader on Amical’s commercial expedition.

Cho Oyu

Dan Mazur’s American outfit will hit Cho Oyu this spring.

Adventure Peaks
UK-based outfit AP will be there as well.

Amical Alpin
The Germany-based outfit will be led by Andreas Sippel.

Kari Kobler & Partner
The Swiss outfit has also announced a Cho Oyu expedition in spring, 2009.

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